global TRADe MANAGEMENT services

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international TRADe MANAGEMENT services
WTE’s International Trade Management Services provides integrated trade management, working capital, and trade finance solutions to multinational corporations, financial institutions, and public sector organizations around the globe. ITMS delivers innovative and tailored solutions to clients using digitally enabled platforms, tools, and analytics. Its integrated set of solutions includes payments and receivables, liquidity management and investment services, commercial card programs, and trade services and finance.
international TRADe MANAGEMENT services
  1. Provides trade management services to companies, governments, and other institutions in the U.S. and more than 140 countries.
  2. Managing a firm’s liquidity and mitigating its operational, financial, and reputational risk.
  3. Trading in financial derivatives and the associated financial risk management.
  4. Planning, account organization, cash flow monitoring.
  5. Managing financial risks to allow companies to meet their financial obligations and ensure predictable business performance.
  6. Providing analytics: Provides clients with bench-marking diagnostics and treasury analysis to help optimize their businesses.
  7. Managing liquidity: helps clients move in 140+ countries with subsidiary financing, inter-company netting, and capital preservation.
  8. Innovative and unique solutions: Helping clients to increase efficiencies, visibility, and control.
  9. TRADE CREDIT MANAGEMENT: Working capital solutions (Receivables, Payables, Commercial cards, Liquidity and Investments, Channel services).
  10. TRADE: Trade services and supply chain finance to help clients meet international import and export needs.