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Printing your own money or issuing your private currency is one of the fastest and easiest ways to expand your wealth,  increase your sales, grow your customer/client base and solidly expand any business in a time of economic turmoil and flux. WHY?

  1. You can start with no capital whatsoever, without risk, and without sacrificing a penny of your existing cash sales or job security. 
  2. You can do things with (and through) private currency (in any economy) that you can’t do otherwise. Amazing and wonderfully miraculous things you couldn’t normally accomplish — if you’re short on cash (or have no job)…if you don’t have a super successful business…if you don’t own any business or don’t have unlimited capital or buying power, a private currency is now your secret prosperity weapon.
Issuing private currency is a rock-solid, profit-certain, and income-generating strategy that can work “Prosperity Wonders” for anyone…business owners, employees, start-ups, entrepreneurs, alike.


  1. According to Harvard Business Review, United Airlines used private currency to raise $6.8 billion. Delta used private currency to raise $9 billion. And in March of 2021, American Airlines raised $10 billion backed by the AAdvantage program (its private currency).
  2. According to FORBES, Delta Airlines used private currency to make $5.5 billion in revenue in one year.
  3. Using zero cash, a famous cruise line used private currency to create a $100,000,000 advertising success! 
  4.  17-year old kid used private currency to acquire $500 million worth of products.
  5. One of our clients used private currency to sell their non-profitable business unit for $950 million.

How would YOU like to pay almost all of your business (and personal) bills with “soft,” “TRADE” dollars you create out of thin air?

You can actually create your own paper credits (literally print your own negotiable “currency”) at will. Without being facetious -you can produce (or generate) buying power at will, just like the printing presses of our Government.

Now, YOU can create your own “currency,” too! Whenever you want (or need) to buy ANY product or service for your business, for someone else’s business, for your employer’s business, or your own or someone else’s personal needs — you can merely produce a “trade” dollar that is redeemable by the recipient for future purchases of your (or any other company’s or people’s) goods or services at full “market value” list price. Sounds interesting? Read this entire page now.

Anyone Can Legally Create Their Own “Money.”

Create More Purchasing Power…at Will!

When you issue a private currency, you create purchasing power, almost at will! You can, quite literally, write your own credit line (or checks) to unlimited and dizzying levels. You can buy goods and services at far better discounts and at far more advantageous terms than you ever could (or ever can, for that matter) do with cash (it’s even better in a recession).

Buy Without Money, Spend Without Cash – Never Borrow or Pay Interest Again!

Once you learn how to issue your private currency, you no longer need to be dependent on cash borrowing. You no longer need to wait for your bank account to be full to purchase ANY product or service you or your business needs – or wants if you use your private currency.

You no longer need to have a dime in your bank account to acquire a virtually limitless amount of goods or services ethically. Your private currency offers you the profit — and money-making “vehicle” — that can finally take you to stratospheric income heights (ironically, you’ll do it during bad times). Billions of dollars in profit have been made over the years and are still being made today by people (much like you) who learned to harness the power of a private currency. Now it’s time for YOU to get your fair share, too.

You Can Put Bundles of Windfall Cash Into Your Bank Account 

…Whenever You Want!

And – this is one of the most provocative aspects of private currency – whenever you want to, you can increase your income by 100X or more and put bundles of windfall cash into your bank account whenever you want so quickly, it’ll almost scare you.

Once you start using private currency to transact your business or personal financial dealings, you will no longer need to incur onerous credit approvals, interest expenses, processing fees, etc. All your private currency purchases are automatically “approved” (never denied) and totally interest-free. 

You can do it for your own business. You can do it for your employer. You can do it for other companies. You can do it for yourself and your family. You can do all four, your choice.

Unlimited Purchasing Power!

You can create unlimited purchasing power, borrowing power, and 24-karat solid-gold business credit whenever you need it and as much as you need it. As often as you need it. Your private currency provides ALL the purchasing power you’ll ever need.

No one will ever ask to see your financial statement or make you pledge assets, or personally guarantee any business transaction you engage in. So your downside risk is low — or nil! In essence, you can create your own “money,” and it’s 100 percent legal.

No one will question you about your credit or your ability to pay. You’ll never have a ceiling put on your purchasing levels, either. So you are only limited by your aggressiveness, creativity, energy, and ambition to achieve or prosper. The sky is REALLY the limit. From This Day Forward, You Have All the Purchasing Power You’ll Ever Need!


If you’ve ever received or used gift cards, prepaid cards, gift certificates, vouchers, reward points, airline frequent flyer miles, loyalty points, land scrip, company scrip, phone cards, trade certificates, trading stamps, token coins such as subway tokens, IOUs, arcade tokens, tickets, points on some credit cards, or “points” on some websites or discount coupons, you’ve used private money (currency) that a private company printed. The only difference is that it probably never occurred to you that you were using another company’s currency and that you could also issue your personal currency, and it’s 100% legal.

Although these companies don’t identify these items as their company’s private currency or money, that is exactly what it is. Anything that has unquestioned monetary value and is accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or means of payment is a currency.

A general term for these forms of money is “SCRIP.”


SCRIP means “substitute money,” “private currency,” “alternative to legal tender,” or “an I.O.U… a promise to render specific products or services to the bearer at some future date in time,” issued by a private entity, be it an individual, a commercial business, a nonprofit, or a decentralized common enterprise.

So, scrip is a form of credit that entitles the bearer to receive something in return. It is often used in the same way as money or exchanged for goods at a company store. 

Scrip is a currency you can create yourself… that can be bought and sold or used as a medium of exchange instead of CASH. Your scrip could be a sheet of paper that promises to deliver a specific product or service at a future date. It’s only a matter of printing the scrip and then issuing it in exchange for needed products or services. An airline’s frequent flyer miles program is a typical example of scrip, the airlines’ private currency.


Scrip (private currencies) in the form of gift cards, vouchers, airline frequent flyer miles, loyalty points, company scrip, phone cards, trade certificates, etc. are being issued by thousands of companies such as:

1. Starbucks 3. MasterCard 4. Wal-Mart 5. Target 6.Home Depot 7. Lowe’s 8.Costco 9. Best Buy 10. Walgreens 11. CVS 12. American Express 13. Bed Bath & Beyond 14. McDonald’s 15. Whole Foods 16. Shell 17. Exxon Mobil 18. BP 19. Southwest Airlines 20. American Express 21. VISA 22. Dunkin Donuts 23. Cabela’s 24. Barnes & Noble 25. Meijer 26. Texas Roadhouse 27. Outback Steakhouse. 28. Subway etc.


In an effort to win the loyalty of business passengers, the frequent flyer program was started in 1981 by American Airlines. Now, most airlines offer such a program. A frequent flyer miles program is each airline’s “PRIVATE CURRENCY.” These frequent flyer miles enable the customer to acquire airline tickets or numerous products and services when miles are earned. Amazingly, the major US airlines have issued trillions of air miles worth billions of dollars.

This private currency (miles program) is now a massive profit center for airlines. It accounts for more than half of all profits for some airlines, including American Airlines Group Inc., the world’s largest. Airlines earn upwards of 50 percent of their income from selling miles to credit card companies, banks, financial institutions, and other companies.

Airlines Make billions from private currency.

According to FORBES, in United Airlines’ disclosure about the MileagePlus program, the mileage program generates $1.8 billion in earnings. American Airlines reported $5.5 billion in loyalty program revenue. American Airlines’ own filings show that the airline had been losing money from its passenger operations even before the coronavirus pandemic sent airline travel into a tailspin. However, by generating billions of dollars in loyalty program revenue, the airline has reported billions per year in profit. Thus, American Airlines make more profit from the miles program than from its passenger operations and are now dependent on their mileage programs for survival.

Airlines Make More Profit Selling Miles Than Seats.


According to Harvard Business Review, in 2020, U.S. carriers used their loyalty programs (private currency) as collateral security to raise billions in loans. United Airlines raised $6.8 billion in June. Spirit and Delta quickly followed suit with $850 million and $9 billion respectively. And in March of 2021, American Airlines set a new record for the largest ever financing transaction in aviation history with a total of $10 billion backed by the AAdvantage program (its private currency). British Airways raised $1 billion by selling frequent flyer miles.

Airlines’ private currencies are worth more than the airlines.

According to Harvard Business Review, a third-party appraisal of the American Airlines AAdvantage program (i.e., American Airlines’ private currency) placed the value of just the U.S. portion of the AAdvantage program at $24 billion. As of March 2022, American Airlines has a market cap of $10.87 Billion. The situation is similar for United Airlines’ MileagePlus program. As of March 2022, United Airlines Holdings has a market cap of $13.74 billion. Yet, in an investor filing, United valued its MileagePlus program at $22 billion. Thus, Airlines’ frequent flyer programs are worth more than the airlines themselves.

Like the airlines, YOU can issue and use your “company money” to achieve your goals.

While only your imagination can limit the advantages that having your own legal tender can do to benefit your business, here’s just one to think about. Say there is something your company or employer (or you, personally) really needs or wants to acquire, but you can’t afford it on a cash-paying basis. Using your own “currency,” where the cost is based on the cost of supplying the goods and services and where you take delivery now but pay for it much, much later – you can afford to acquire the needed item. 

If you are starting to get excited, you should. In today’s tight-credit, cash-short, and volatile economy, your private currency possibly offers you the greatest profit potential your business (or you personally) could take advantage of.
There’s a better-than-even chance that – IF executed properly – a private currency program instituted in your business (or for your employer) could produce the biggest (or only) profit you make for the year.
fortune 500 companies
create & use private currencies to
Raise capital and boost revenue!


Carnival Cruise Lines, a Florida-based cruise line that is now the largest globally, started with one ship and insufficient operating capital. The line created a private currency, which they used for trading empty cabins for radio, television, and newspaper advertising in 100 cities over ten years. The cost of an empty cabin once the ship sails are minimal. Plus, the passengers may spend considerable cash in the bar, casino, gift shop, and shore excursions; thus, the net cost to the cruise line to fill an empty cabin was less than zero. Stated differently, they made a massive profit off the traded cabin being occupied instead of going out empty.
Here is the payoff to the cruise line. They used this technique to become the largest cruise line globally and continuously advertised in 100 cities for more than ten years without spending a penny of hard cash. The cruise line owner is now a billionaire and on the Forbes richest list. And it all started with one 30-year-old ship and heavy advertising using the private currency.

In 1987 The Walt Disney Company created their private currency called ‘Disney Dollars,’ which they used to generate billions of dollars in revenue, make purchases, pay off debts and reduce their cash expenses for 29 years until they discontinued new currency creation in 2016. However, the Disney dollars already created are still being used at Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Stores.

The world over, billionaires, Fortune 500 companies, banks, telephone companies, Las Vegas casinos, and The Walt Disney Company are all raising business capital and generating billions of dollars in revenue by creating money out of thin air using private currencies. They create currencies to raise capital and gain lucrative billion-dollar opportunities that most entrepreneurs like you will never have available until now.
For many years, Amazon has been using a private currency in the form of gift cards to generate billions of dollars in extra revenue, make purchases, and reduce their cash expenses. 
In 2020, Amazon started creating a digital currency for its customers’ private online shopping. Amazon’s digital currency will let customers “convert their cash into digital currency.” 
If you’ve ever collected, received, or given Amazon gift cards to anyone or bought Amazon coin (digital currency), you’ve used Amazon’s currency. The only difference is that it probably never occurred to you that you could also issue your digital currency.
Walmart has been using different private currencies in the form of gift cards, gift certificates, trading stamps, discount coupons, phone cards, and scrips to generate billions of dollars in extra revenue, make purchases, and reduce their cash expenses.
If you’ve ever collected, received, or given Walmart gift cards, gift certificates, trading stamps, discount coupons, phone cards, or scrips to anyone, you’ve used Walmart’s private currencies. The only difference is that it probably never occurred to you that it’s Walmart’s private currency and that you could also issue your currency.
  1. A petroleum company acquired new facilities worth $3.5 billion within 30 days using a private currency.
  2. A private jet charter company acquired 23 private jets worth $575 million using a private currency.
  3. Using a private currency, an industrial product manufacturer acquired new machinery, equipment, and turnkey production facility worth $578 million.
  4. A manufacturing company acquired a methanol plant worth $235 million using a private currency.
  5. An oil company recently acquired a modular oil refinery for crude oil with a 20,000 BPD production capacity using a private currency.
  6. Giovanni acquired a 123-year-old $250 million turnover company with 768 employees using a private currency.
  7. A steel manufacturing company upgraded its plant capacity with an investment of $75 million to increase its production capacity using a private currency.

Raise CAPITAL and pay off debts!

  1. Our client, a global automotive supplier, used private currency to raise $241 million and paid off a $241 million debt.
  2. A multinational energy corporation used private currency to raise $2.4 billion and paid off a $2.4 billion debt.
  3. An oilfield services company used private currency to raise $3.15 billion and paid off a $3.15 billion debt.
  4. A biopharmaceutical company used private currency to raise $1.8 billion and paid off a $1.8 billion debt.
  5. A leading manufacturer of shelving units and systems used private currency to raise $485 million.
  6. A petroleum and natural gas exploration and production company used private currency to raise $98 million.
  7. An industrial products manufacturer used private currency to raise $23 million and paid off a $23 million debt.
  8. A steel manufacturing company used private currency to raise $14.8 million and paid off a $14.8 million debt.
  9. A cash-strapped manufacturing company used private currency to receive a $2.2 billion cash infusion to stabilize its operations.
  10. A construction company paid off $7.2 billion in debt to banks within 30 days using a private currency.

Here are some of the incredible things we were able to help some of our clients accomplish using private currency via the WTE platform :

  1. One client got over a billion dollars in real estate that cost them — absolutely nothing!
  2. Another client got $850M worth of office building, company cars, printing, building supplies, landscaping, office furniture, and high-end computer equipment, hotel room nights, and airline flights.
  3. Another received television ads, print ads, outdoor ads, internet advertising, professional services, consulting, public relations, and investor relations activities, convention facilities, cruises, timeshares, vacation properties, and storage facilities.
  4. One of our clients averaged an extra $750,000,000-a-quarter profit off their internal private currency profit center.

I could tell you a lot more and have your eyes jump out…but it would fill 1000 pages … and I’m sure you get the idea.

Breakage represents the trade certificates you issue when you trade with someone that is never used. If they have an expiration date (which we recommend), a certain percentage of all trade credits issued will not be used. Breakage can account for 20% to 50% of scrip issued, which brings additional profits. Scrip provides ultimate leverage when breakage occurs. An example is a $1,000,000 product inventory with a cost of 40% ($400,000) and a breakage of 30% of the costs ($120,000). Your real fulfillment cost drops to $280,000 ($400,000 less $120,000) so the fulfillment cost is 28%.
Solves trade deficits problems and eliminates nATIONAL debts.

WTE proposed a $100 billion countertrade scrip to eliminate a nation’s trade deficit. For illustration, let’s say the country is Singapore. Any Singapore’s sale abroad would receive a trade certificate with a dollar-for-dollar value. Any country wanting to sell products to Singapore would be required to supply trade certificates in the amount of the face value of the goods. If they didn’t have certificates, they could buy them from a country that had purchased goods from Singapore. Consequently, countries selling much more than they purchased would be forced to buy more Singapore goods to obtain certificates or buy certificates from others – those entities would be rewarded for trading with Singapore.

  1. Create any amount of “money” or “currency” out of thin air, legally, in 60 seconds or less!
  2. Multiply income by 100X within 30 days with a single click!
  3. Secure any amount of interest-free financing (from $1,000,000 to $100 billion)!
  4. Write unlimited credit line and purchasing power (debt-free)
  5. Obtain loans and mortgages at 0% interest and flexible terms.
  6. Put bundles of windfall cash into any bank account at any time!
  7. Raise any amount of capital in 60 seconds to finance investments!
  8. Create, securely store, send and transact real-world financial assets.
  9. Issue payment instruments like Visa and MasterCard cards.
  10. Provide interest-free credit and financial services to companies at zero cost!
  11. Convert trade credit to cash. Convert cash to trade credit.
  12. Move money and assets around the world with ease and maximum privacy.
  13. Make real-time, cost-effective, and cross-border payments.
  14. Facilitate international trade and payments between different companies.
  15. Facilitate trade credit transactions between different member companies.
  16. Operate an international payment platform for member businesses.
  17. Perform financial operations that are usually reserved for banks.
  18. Move value between parties under predetermined conditions. These payments can be auto-enabled and controlled, based on supply chain workflows and pre-programmed triggers.
  19. Enable a next-generation rewards platform for issuing loyalty rewards as a digital currency.
  20. Enable customers to be able to buy, sell, trade points, be notified of new deals, or exchange rewards for cash or goods at participating retailers.
21. Purchase properties, assets, products, and services without cash.
22. Invest in new businesses and projects without the need for cash.
23. Acquire and operate any manufacturing firm’s operation without cash!
24. Advertise in various media without spending cash.
25. Pay off any amount of debts they owe without cash.
26. Get a discount of up to 90% on virtually every product or service they buy!
27. Reduce expenses by 90% without reducing expenditure items.
28. Recoup all the debt owed to their organization!
29. Repatriate blocked funds within 24 hours at zero cost!
30. Eliminate payment risks with real-time payment.
31. Recover non-performing assets at full book value within 24 hours!
32. Turnaround a failing company within 24 hours!
33. Legally reduce the tax liability of any company!
34. Extend their marketing or retail reach without the cash outlay.
35. Increase their company revenue and profits by 10,000%!
36. Sell all their products, services, businesses, and properties within 24 hours.
37. Dispose of 12 months projected inventory, excess capacity, slow-moving or surplus products within 24 hours.
38. Achieve a 12-month sales forecast within 24 hours.
39. Convert receivables into full cash value within 24 hours!
40. Recoup bad loans and convert distressed assets into immediate cash or liquid assets within 24 hours.

You need a private currency system to start issuing your money (currency). WTE is offering the first and only “Private Currency System” globally for a limited time.

The “Private Currency System” was developed especially for businesses, business professionals, and individuals to facilitate starting their personal (private) currency programs. It’s also for individuals looking to have a career as an independent trade broker, handling clients’ vanishing time, space, and product inventories. Unique opportunities exist in most cities to develop a career as a trade broker.

This system will provide everything you need to start a highly successful “private currency” or “company money” using scrip.

In this “Private Currency System,” we will provide you with:

  1. Personal currency certificates you can customize and have printed (copied) in various denominations
  2. Templates for different currency certificates
  3. Letters for inviting people to accept your private currency.
  4. Forms for making trade proposals to ease anyone into trading with your currency.
  5. Strategies other individuals and businesses like you have used to launch and operate their private currencies for years.
  6. An operations manual for using a personal currency: We’ll show you everything step-by-step…what to do and how to do it.
  7. And many other valuable tools and resources designed to help you launch a highly successful private currency program.

For more information, please, review the details of the Private Currency System below.

what you will get IN THIS
Sample private currency certificates, forms, and templates designed to make trading easier
This section includes:
  1. Sample currency certificates to copy and use in your business.
  2. Templates to model for creating your own “Due Bills,” “Scrip,” and other “private currency instruments.” You need to fill in the precise amount, product/service specifics, expiration dates, and sign off on each template to convert them into scrip or financial instruments. You could immediately start trading these future credits for the valuable items you want the day they arrive.
  3. All the forms you need for customizing your currency or trade dollar certificates.
  4. Explanation of how to use the certificates, templates, forms, and tools for your currency system.
  5. Demonstrated examples of how to use the forms are shown.
Creating personal currency — your mint —  Customizing Trade Dollar Certificates.
  1. Here you will find step-by-step directions and examples for creating trade dollar certificates appropriate for the products or services you will offer others and which will determine the extent of your new “buying power.” 
  2. In this system, there are three options for trade dollars (personal currency) to be considered, and many people will use two or even all three. Templates for these and all forms are available for downloading and customizing at our website.

proposals to get whatever you want using private currency. 

Need to acquire some products or assets? Next time you want a product or service that costs a lot of money… but you can’t afford or don’t want to spend CASH to get it… send this provocatively compelling magical proposal! This magical proposal document will flip the equation around – giving you whatever you want using your private currency – not cash!

You’ll get a sample of the private currency proposal to use. As you will see, there is not a lot left for you to do in preparing it because it’s already done for you. In addition to the finished sample proposals, we also provide a proposal template form for you to customize and use. With your input on the proposal template form, you should (1) inform the recipient who you are, (2) state what you need from the recipient’s company, and (3) propose to pay for your purchase with your private currency, which you briefly describe and attach to the proposal.


A proposal to pay off an outstanding debt with your currency.

Should you have a situation where you have been unable to pay a debt due to inadequate cash flow but wish to get the matter resolved, then you can send this proposal to your creditor to transfer the cash debt to trade debt. Send it with one of the personal currency certificates or checks made out for the appropriate amount and payable to the recipient company “or Bearer” in case they sell or trade your private currency payment. With this proposal, you can pay off your outstanding debt obligations without spending a cent or dime from your cash reserves.


Proposal for Collecting Bad Debts

If your business is faced with turning accounts over to a collection agency where the likelihood of any payment is low and high collection costs occur when something is recovered, you should first consider a trading proposal to recover the debt. With this proposal, you can recover the total cash value of all your bad debts, distressed or non-performing assets, and outstanding and non-collectible receivables. No losses, write-downs, or legal hassles. This system works even if your debtors do not have a cent in their bank account to pay you. When sending your proposal, you have to include a private currency certificate from PCS and appropriately fill it out for them to sign and return to you.

Spending more and having more cash
  1. Every business has failing assets and vanishing inventories looking for cash buyers who may never come. 
  2. Time and space are the most extensive inventories for most companies 
  3. Examples are provided of who has such inventories and how much
  4. Monetizing vanishing inventories with personal currency creates new marketing conditions (with buyers) and “Plus-Business, “increasing cash flow.
  5.  We are all like a motel where an empty room is an asset lost forever. 
  6. Using personal currency as a simple tool for buying and selling.
  7. Disappearing assets as an opportunity.
  8. Operating nearer your maximum capacity by spending trade dollars -How it works and how it will help you
  1. How to legally create any amount of “company money” or currency out of thin air.
  2. How to write your own unlimited credit line and purchasing power!
  3. How an individual who is not a business owner can print their own money legally.
  4. How to put bundles of windfall cash into your bank account… whenever you want!
  5. How to use your private currency to make “monster” six- and seven, even eight-figure profits every month.
  6. How to create a constant flow of windfall sales, new customers, and more positive cash flow in your pocket or treasury than you ever thought possible.
  7. How to increase the sales revenue of your business by 10,000% in 30 days by printing your own money.
  8. How to offer businesses interest-free loans without collateral security. Most companies will no longer go to any bank if they know about your currency.
  9. How to automatically get better terms, credit, and discounts (without negotiations) by using private currency far more quickly than you ever could by paying cash.
  10. How man personally acquired over $450 million worth of goods and services, including exotic travel, capital goods and equipment, luxury cars, electronics, homes and condominiums, and even entire businesses using private currency.
  11. How to use your private currency as collateral security to borrow any amount of money from banks and repay less than 10% of the loan, legally.
  12. Where and how to find people who will accept your private currency as money instead of cash.
Getting Started
  1. How to begin where you are right now. Establish your “hard” and “soft” values. How to build a private currency trade inventory and then ascertain your exact personal currency trade costs.
  2. Analyzing your business inventories for trade and finding the under-performing assets
  3. Fixing selling terms. What does one additional sale cost you?
  4. Strategic alliances: How to set up trade partnerships with your current suppliers and vendors so both of you will benefit and save millions in cash.
  5. Determining what you have to back your currency. Discover what you have to trade — then monetize and leverage. 
  6. Starting a purchase plan
  7. Identifying trade prospects
  8. Finding products and services to buy with personal currency
  9. Preparing proposals and record-keeping. 
  10. You get checklists, diagrams, charts, photos, and examples. These will help you make your trading efforts “fail-safe” and highly profitable.
Private Currency Strategies
  1. How to formulate your entire private currency trade strategy, set your goals, and confidently achieve them.
  2. Twenty strategies to increase your business income by a minimum of $100,000,000 a year.
  3. A powerful, proven technique, plus a letter, to use when working with new suppliers. It will increase your cash flow by millions of dollars. One company uses it with 120 different vendors. They do over $1 billion a year in savings through this one technique alone!
  4. Nine different private currency trade strategies you can immediately use to leverage your employees’ productivity.
  5. How to lower your overhead and operating costs by 99%… plus creative strategies, advice, tips, and step-by-step suggestions for small, medium, and large companies.
  6. Strategies to leverage personal currency to meet your goals.
  7. Case histories of how high-profile companies used private currency trade to accumulate vast amounts of needed products and services, significantly improving their net profits.
  8. Success in using personal currency will depend heavily on two conditions
  9. How the fantastic $548 million trade of a 53-story office tower in New York city was consummated.
  10. Twenty-seven examples for discovering how someone like you makes printing and spending their own money profitable. Examples from different businesses – How Trading Works for Someone Like You. “How might personal currency work for a business like mine?”
  1. How to walk into a multi-million dollar luxury vacation property, hand the property owner a sheet of paper (proposal), your private currency certificate (with the asking price written on it), and a contract printed off your computer, and walk out as the new owner of the property! And the owner will love you for this! No cash, credit, or bank account is required to use this explosive private currency technique!
  2. How to walk into a luxury sports car dealership, hand the owner a sheet of paper printed off your computer, and walk out with a deal that pays you 10% of the value of the dealer’s cars every time someone buys without referring any buyer to the dealer! 
  3. How to walk into a luxury car dealership, hand the owner a sheet of paper printed off your computer, and walk out with a brand new car without paying a cent! 
  4. How to walk into any company, hand the manager a sheet of paper printed off your computer, and walk out with all the products you want without paying a cent!
  5. There are twenty-one ways to convert a private currency to cash, which you can transfer to any bank account worldwide.

The foremost concern most people have when printing, issuing, buying, and selling a private currency is converting it to cash. In this Private Currency System, you will discover:

1. Twenty-one ways to convert a private currency to cash, which you can transfer to any bank account worldwide.

2. The Digital Currency Exchange for converting your private currency to cash within 60 seconds and having it transferred to any bank account worldwide within 24 hours.



WTE Consultants will give you letters of introduction to corporate executives of Fortune 500 companies in our network to facilitate your multi-million dollar private currency deals. These letters of introduction will help you get your foot in the door in places you otherwise might not get accepted. You could be doing multi-million-dollar business deals with fortune 500 companies you ordinarily wouldn’t get through to. This section is only applicable to the first twenty clients to order today.

Build a profitable career by trading vanishing inventories via private currency.
  1. A unique career opportunity as a trade broker exists for thousands of enterprising people.
  2. How to become a Trade Broker with private currency and your “Magic Briefcase.”
  3. A business plan with supporting tools for building a prestigious new career as a business professional serving companies in your area.
  4. It is an untapped opportunity for most cities and ideal for tough economic times.
  5. How an inexpensive start-up trade brokerage business can be suitable for partnership or husband-wife team and as a home-based enterprise.
  6. The unique role of trade brokers and how they become needed by other companies and business professionals.
  7. How the magical briefcase can be the key to your future.
  8. How you can turn one person’s distress or unused assets into your mutual windfall
You’ll receive one-on-one coaching with a WTE private currency Consultant, where you’ll create a business plan that ensures your success! Whatever you’re into…manufacturing, retail, consulting, banking, professional services, hospitality, travel, marketing… WTE private currency Consultant will guide you to design the perfect business plan for raking in profit with your private currency!
You will get 4 hours of coaching and support every month from WTE Consultants. WTE’s Consultants have 38 years of private currency experience and an exclusive network of highly-placed private currency contacts in the U.S. and throughout the world. Brainstorm, network, form joint ventures, and learn from the brightest in the business. 
Our Consultants will help you with any business situation–solve problems, answer questions, point out opportunities and assist you in structuring deals where necessary. You will get answers to any questions regarding the strategies and techniques used in digital currency issuance, operations, and management. This section is only applicable to the first twenty clients to order today.
free bonus #1
Free wte startup 3 Membership.

We’ve made arrangements to pay 100% of your standard $1,000,000 yearly fee and sponsor you into WTE Startup 3 membership!

As a ‘startup 3’ member, WTE will help you:

  1. Make $200M in sales revenue every month for the next five years.
  2. Get $200M in interest-free trade finance for your purchases, acquisitions, and investments.
  3. Sell off $200M worth of inventories, businesses, real estate, and other assets at zero cost to you and without advertising or marketing expenses.
  4. Pay off any existing debts you owe other banks, financial institutions, or organizations at zero cash cost – up to $200M.
  5. Receive other benefits and services to guarantee the success and profitability of your business.

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A $1,000,000 value!

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free bonus #2

The private currency exchange is a platform that helps you to:

  1. Create your private currency. 100% of the work is done for you.
  2. Make purchases of assets, products and services, and businesses on your behalf using your private currency.
  3. Acquire shareholdings or make investments in other companies on your behalf using your private currency.
  4. Convert your private currency to cash and transfer it to any bank account worldwide within 24 hours.

A $100,000 VALUE! 

This free Private Currency Exchange membership ($100,000 value) is only applicable to the next ten clients to apply for the Private Currency System today. Click the link below to APPLY NOW!