Digital currency PLATFORM

The WTE platform is a multi-purpose digital currency platform that can help you create any amount of money out of thin air within 60 seconds with the click of a button. You can use the digital currency platform to create $1M, $10M, $100M, $1B, $100B, or more within 60 seconds with the click of a button. 

The digital currency platform is designed to empower you to:

  1. Issue your digital currency.
  2. Buy any assets, products, or services from millions of companies using digital currencies.
  3. Multiply revenue by 100X or more using digital currencies
  4. Finance all business transactions using digital currencies without banks and financial institutions
  5. Cash-out digital currencies to fiat currencies or convert digital currencies to cash.
After creating your digital currency (money), the next step is to spend it or convert it to cash. This is where your digital currency marketplace comes in. 
Your digital currency marketplace is a membership organization where members have agreed to buy and sell various assets, products, and services among themselves without cash but using your privately created digital currency as a medium of Exchange. 
WTE will provide you with a digital currency marketplace and integrate it with your WTE platform. 
Your private currency marketplace is similar to your favorite e-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay. It features user registration, inventory management, comprehensive search, ratings, featured offers, discounts, purchase orders, sales orders, invoices, transaction history, payment processing, and many other features that make it a one-stop solution for your private currency marketplace.
You can purchase almost anything you want through your digital currency marketplace without paying cash but using your digital currency. Alternatively, you can convert your digital currency to cash through the digital currency exchange.

Digital Currency Exchange!

The foremost concern most people have when issuing, buying, and/or selling a digital currency is converting it to cash. This Digital Currency Exchange is the ultimate solution for converting your digital currency to cash and vice versa. It provides you with the currency creation options, systems, tools, and resources used by Fortune 500 companies to convert their digital currencies to cash. You can enable your clients to earn daily interest, make an instant exchange of currencies, buy/sell currencies with debit and credit cards within the Digital Currency Exchange.


Complete with step-by-step instructions, video presentations, demo software, brochures, manuals, guides, tools, processes, systems, scripts, agreements, client questionnaires, worksheets.

We will provide you with a world-class business website that will be branded with your company details and accessible through your domain name. The website will enable you to promote your services as a provider of interest-free credit and financial services to other people and businesses.
We will provide you with a corporate identity package for your Digital Currency platform. This corporate identity package will allow you to convey your professional presence in front of your clients. Included are business cards, letterhead, and envelopes with your business information on them. We will supply you with a package that will establish your presence immediately with anyone you encounter.
You will have access to your admin dashboard, which features data analytics of the Digital Currency platform. You can log into the admin dashboard at any time to review the details of every aspect of your business. You can view your business performance in real-time 24/7. The back-office engine gives you a real-time view into every level of your team’s performance, from summary to detail, through comprehensive financial and operational role-based dashboards and reports of your entire Digital Currency platform in real-time.
unlimited support 24/7/365!
You will get unlimited support from WTE Consultants 24/7/365. WTE’s Consultants have 38 years of private currency experience and an exclusive network of highly-placed private currency contacts in the U.S. and throughout the world. Brainstorm, network, form joint ventures, and learn from the brightest in the business. 
Our Consultants will help you with any business situation–solve problems, answer questions, point out opportunities and assist you in structuring deals where necessary. You will get answers to any questions regarding the strategies and techniques used in digital currency issuance, operations, and management.